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Repairing Lotion for extremely dry and itchy skin.

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HIBODERM lotion is a repairing lotion for extremely dry and itchy skin.HIBODERM lotion is a deeply moisturizing treatment for extremely dry, itchy, and flaky skin. Infused with Urea, Ceramides, Alpha hydroxy acid, lactic acid other natural moisturizing factors, this product is especially indicated for the daily care of damaged skin, due to its ability to bind moisture to the skin, all the while restoring the skin’s natural protective barrier to prevent further moisture loss. Clinically proven to deliver immediate relief and comfort, this formula also provides hydration that lasts for up to 48 hours.

Senile Xcrosis, Dry and rough skin,
Dermatitis,Psoriasis,Ichthyosis,Eczema,Keratosis pilaris,Keratoderma,

How to use
Apply HIBODERM Lotion to clean and dry skin. Massage gently until the product has been fully absorbed by the skin. May be used as often as necessary.

Minimize or avoid sun exposure to areas of the skin treated

Store at a controlled room temperature of 15° – 30°C (59° – 86°F).

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Main Ingredients:
Sodium chloride Vegetal Glycerin, urea 10%, Ceramide Shea Butter with emollient properties, lactic acid, L-proline L-serine, Xpertmoist alpha hydroxy acid.

Uses Ingredients:
Urea, which is produced naturally by the skin, is essential for the regulation of the skin's levels of moisture;
Ceramides are important lipids in the hydrolipid film, which strengthen the skin barrier and help prevent moisture loss.
Alpha hydroxy acid, exfoliants are gentle on the skin and great for repairing a dry, sun-damaged complexion.
Lactic acid is a white-rich moisturizer for dry skin (xerosis) and is indicated to moisturize and soften dry, itchy skin and minor skin irritation.


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